We invite devotees to Monastery of the Holy Name who eager to do services as:

· Pujari (with second initiation and Deity worship experience),
· Chef (with second initiation),
· Srila Prabhupada book distributors (with knowledge of English and experience in book distribution),
· Leading and participating in Harinams (with ear for music and skills in playing musical instruments),
· Managers (by nature).
· Those who wish to take care of cows on a daily basis (milk, feed, care for).
· Agricultural workers (garden, kitchen garden, bees, field, forest)
· Builders (professional).
· Photo and video reports (shooting, processing, publication)

For all questions, please write to: Dadf@mail.ru
or call Viber/ Whatsapp/ Telegram: +372 5858 8559 (Damodara-kripa das)

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