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Holy Name Monastery, Lithuania

The main activity of our team is Harinama Sankitana (spreading the glories of the holy name of the Lord). To make this service more efficient and to inspire other devotees, we decided to establish the Monastery of the Holy Name. Ananda Vardhana Prabhu created the idea of this project in 2011. In 2014, Dasharatha Suta Prabhu donated the land for the construction of the Monastery.

The goals of the Monastery:

1. Training of the Bramacharies (novices).
We are training and educating brahmacharies in the spirit of Krishna Consciousness. This is based on the chanting of the Holy Name (japa (on beads), kirtan (congregational), Harinama Sankirtana (on streets)), Deity service, good sadhana (daily spiritual practice), playing musical instrument and leading a kirtan; studying and distributing of the Srila Prabhupada’s books.

2. Support of the Vanaprasthas (renouncients).
We provide a place for vanaprasthas to live, where they are given care. Vanaprastha devotees have an opportunity to stay in Vaishnava society until the end of their days and get inspiration, communication, and care, which helps them to concentrate fully on the main purpose of life – love for Krishna. Their presence is strengthening the faith and the desire of the brahmacharies to continue their service in the monastery.

3. Devotee care.
We provide an opportunity for devotees in men’s bodies from other communities to try the spiritual atmosphere of the monastery for themselves and to receive proper education, training, inspiration and the opportunity to seriously engage in spiritual practice in a friendly atmosphere of like-minded people, under the high experience of the abbot and spiritual leader Anand Vardhana Swami.

The Monastery is situated in Lithuania, 10 km to the north from the middle of the Kaunas-Vilnius highway (there is a train station at Zasliai, 4 km from the Monastery). Nearby is situated a nature reserve. On the territory of the Monastery, which is 14 ga, there are two dwellings (wooden and brick), separate huts for renouncients (kutirs), cow-house, work-house, altar room greenhouses, vegetable garden, fruit trees and bushes.

Project is approved by:
HH Bhakti Caitanya Swami – GBC Baltic states
HH Bhakti Vijnana Goswami – initiating spiritual master in ISKCON
HH Niranjana Swami – GBC in Lithuania

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